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Why Edson Solar Hot Water

Edson is proud to be Australian owned and operated. Edson especialise in the supply of hot water for both the domestic and commercial. The Edson Solar Hot Water System uses collectors designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. The collectors are devices for converting the energy in solar radiation, providing a high efficient means of heating your water.

The Edson Advantage

Unlike other types of solar collectors, evacuated solar collectors still provide excellent results on cloudy days. This is because the tubes are able to absorb the energy from infrared rays which can pass through clouds. Wind and low temperatures also have a minimal effect on the function of evacuated tubes when compared to flat plate solar collectors. This is due to the insulating properties of the vacuum in each tube.

How it Works

The key component of the Edson Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe solar collectors is the Glass evacuated tubes. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes. The outer tube is made of extremely strong transparent borosilicate glass, that is able to resist impact from hail up to 25mm in diameter. The inner tube is also made of borosilicate glass, but coated with a special selective coating which features excellent solar heat absorption and minimal heat reflection properties. The air is withdrawn (evacuated) from the space between the two glass tubes to form a vacuum, which eliminates conductive and convective heat loss.

Inside the glass evacuated tube described above, a copper heat pipe is installed. The copper heat pipe transmits heat to its tip which is plugged into the collector’s heat transfer manifold. As water runs through the manifold heat is transferred from the copper heat pipe to the water as shown in the diagram (below right). The heat transfer manifold is housed in a highly insulated aluminum housing.

This method of heat transfer is a thousand times more efficient than a solid copper rod. Heat is therefore very efficiently transferred from the glass evacuated tube to the water. Since no water is flowing through the collector tubes and the tubes are hermetically sealed it does not suffer from corrosion problems, as is the case with other types of solar collectors.